Published on 17th January 2021

Tracking down the precise distance between you and the hole can surely give you a competitive edge over your competitor. You can get this advantage just by wearing a suitable golf watch.  A golf watch offers you the proper analysis of your moves on the ground to help you improve your game. From tracking your swings to suggesting a suitable club, this wearable tech can pave the way for your win.

No matter whether you are a naïve or a professional golfer, a golf watch makes you fall for the game over and over again. A golf GPS watch can be an expensive asset that performs just like a caddie in your game. According to the best GPS golf watches reviews, we have assimilated the best GPS golf watches 2021 to help you choose the best golf watch that suits your needs.

What is a Golf Watch?

Just as the name suggests, a golf watch possesses every feature that can improve your golf game. Initially, golfers used handheld GPS devices but now as the technology has evolved, every golfer can enjoy the perks of a stylish feature-rich watch during their match.

Along with GPS facilities, the golf watch has features of a health tracker, shot selection, and even Bluetooth for connecting your devices. Golf smartwatch offers the facility of answering your call, email, and texts and calling while you are still on the ground playing your game.


Technicalities of a GPS golf watch 

Golf watches have features that can help a naïve as well as a professional golfer to improve their shots and enhance their chances of winning. The primary feature that has been especially useful for golfers is GPS tracking.

The Global Positioning System (GPs) is the technology that improves your game when you have the right golf GPS watch. It offers you vital information such as distance to the hole, distance to the greens and tracking down your swings. Moreover, it is packed with knowledge about golf courses and can help you in a shot selection just like a caddie.

The other technical features that make the watch an ideal golf watch are as follows:

  • Sun resistance: Golf GPs watches have sun resistance as you may have to carry it on your wrist for hours in the direct sunlight.
  • Game tracker: Due to the presence of preloaded courses, a golf watch helps you in shot and club selection.
  • Heath Tracker: Most golf watches offer health and stress tracking which acts as a fitness tracker.
  • Smartwatch Function: Golf smartwatches offer you the benefits of calling, receiving calls, operating emails, and texts.
  • Battery Backup: Most golf GPS watches have excellent battery backup so that you do not run out of battery in the field.

The best GPS golf watches offer you variable features that boost your knowledge about your performance in the game. Here is a list of the best GPS golf watches.


The Best GPS golf watches 2021 under $1000

You do not need to splurge on a golf smartwatch if you know which one to buy. We have assimilated a list of the best GPS golf watches. Guess what’s more? Our every feature-rich GPS golf watch is priced under $1000!


Garmin Approach S60

Best Garmin golf watch on our list - Garmin Approach S60
Garmin Approach S60 (Image: Amazon)


Garmin S60 is the best Garmin golf watch according to the Golf GPS watch comparison chart. It offers you loads of preloaded courses and long hours of the game without worrying about charging it now and then, along with the great auto shot features. Garmin S60 is a highly featured-packed stylish model of GPS golf watch that every golfer would love to own.

SpecificationsKey Features
1.2 inches standing screen display.Sleek Look.
1024 Mb storage space.Sunlight readability.
High Resolution Full-color Display.More than 40000 preloaded courses and precise location of greens, dog-legs and hazards.
45.5 gram light weight watch.Battery Backup up to 10 hours.

  • Accurate distance calculation.
  • Easy USB charging and runs up to 10 days in watch mode and up to 10 hours in GPS mode.

  • Multi-Activity tracker

  • Weak Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Takes longer time to show zoomed in image.

Our verdict: 4/5


Bushell Excel GPS

The Stylish Bushell Excel GPS Watch with loads of functionalities
Bushell Excel GPS (Image: Amazon)

The Bushell Excel GPS is surely a level up from its previous-generation offering. The watch has adapted a lot in terms of its style and functionality. The watch provides the user with real-time information on the course. Moreover, its app integration is fantastic. This is the best golf watch, considering the price and technical updates that you get along with Bushell Excel. It is definitely worth the purchase by every Golfer out there.

SpecificationsKey Features
25 mm x 25 mm display area.Bluetooth integration with smartphone support.
Up to 14hr battery life.Optically mounted color display with auto-brightness feature.
Dimensions : 13.75 mm x 45 mm x 54 mm.Preloaded availability of 35,000+ courses.
Operating Temp Range : -10C to +60C.Support up to 4 Hazard Distances Per Hole.

  • Multiple notifications, ranging from yardages to phone.
  • Premium functionality at the given price tag.

  • Comfortable to wear and sleek in its design.

  • The watch offers clear distances at a glance.

  • Bit inconvenient in terms of its use in calculating distance around the course.
  • The calculation of distance poses to be inaccurate at times.

Our Verdict 3.6/5


Golf Buddy WTX

best GPS golf watches Golf Buddy WTX is a professional golf player's tool kit
Golf Buddy WTX (Image: Amazon)

As the name suggests, the Golf Buddy WTX is indeed an impressive piece of innovation engineered by GolfBuddy. The GolfBuddy WTX has improved a lot from its previous generation of lineup and that can be seen with some pretty impressive features, one of which is offering a view of the hole from an eagle’s eye view.

Interestingly, this watch also showcases the distances to every hazard as well as the green. GolfBuddy has also done a commendable job around the color screen that carries a premium look, paired to some extra smart-watch functionality. Overall, the watch is indeed a good fit for professional golfer’s, and when you compare its price with the functionality, the result will always be satisfying! Therefore, it is one of the best GPS Golf watches in its price range.

SpecificationsKey Features
Dimensions: 2.32”(H) × 1.65”(W) × 0.52”(D) (47.5 × 13.4 mm).Simple and fast interface.
40,000 courses capacity.Lightweight and has a Rechargeable Pedometer.
 Seamless smartphone sync with over 38,000 preloaded courses worldwide.
 Easy distance tracking besides an interchangeable outer screen.

  • Affordable golf watch.
  • Premium design & functionality.

  • Pre-identification of hazards and doglegs.

  • Range of shots.

  • Fairly dim screen.
  • A bit slow in its performance.

Our Verdict 3/5


Garmin Approach X40 

best GPS golf watches Garmin Approach X40
Garmin Approach X40 (Image: Amazon)

The Garmin Approach X40 is a reliable GPS watch option and is easily the best golf watch 2021. It is a good option for golfers who lead an active lifestyle, thanks to the tracking options that it comes with. The watch performs well over different courses and can also be used for tracking everyday activities as well!

With the improved functionality over its previous-generations, the X40 is a reliable watch for professionals. It is truly an option for Fitbit lovers as its sleek design approach maintains a minimalist design with functionalities. Thanks to its multi-purpose functionality, the X40 is one of the best GPS golf watches out there!

SpecificationsKey Features
Width: 21.1 mm.Slim, lightweight GPS golf band.
Display: 1.00” x 0.42”.Activity tracking feature.
Weight of 1.1 Oz (31 g).Showcases green plus hazards.
Silicone Strap.Vibrating smart notifications for incoming calls, texts and other alerts.

  • Reliable battery life.
  • Compact and Sleek design.

  • Auto shot detection.

  • Garmin Connect Analysis.

  • Distances to hazards are a bit confusing in the display.
  • The digital screen lacks detailing for functions.

Our Verdict 4.2/5



No matter whether it was your first day at the course or you’ve spent an eternity visiting them, if there’s any tool that you will need besides your kit is a golf watch. They are not only a part of the attire but are also your reliable partner in the game.

Buying the right golf GPS watch is a matter of true testing and knowledge about the sport. Your watch is not only a personification of your style and approach but also your understanding of the game. Choose a GPS golf watch that suits best your needs and style. Also, check out our other articles on top 10 watches under $1000 for more! Thanks for reading our blog!

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