Best Wooden Watches to own in 2021


Published on 7th March 2021

As we begin a new decade, it’s time to upgrade. If you’re bored of the regular stream of watches in the market, here’s your chance to try something new! The very versatile wristwatch is now extra stylish and super eco-friendly. It is time to welcome the latest and the best wooden watches into your box of accessories.

Wooden watches are the latest fad in fashion and are increasingly gaining popularity for their natural, textured look and modern functionality. They are made of an array of wood sources, like maple, walnut, etc., to give you a very authentic appeal. Wooden watches are a haven for people with sensitive skin, for the all-natural sources ensure there aren’t allergies usually caused by conventional straps like steel and rubber.

The cherry on top, is that wooden watches are sustainable and eco-friendly, made with the goal of taking a stance for nature. They are perfect to own in any climate, especially in the great outdoors, as they are not affected by temperature changes. If those aren’t enough reasons to buy a wooden wristwatch right away, then the craftsmanship and quality of the wood will surely make you want to revamp your accessories. 

Here is everything you need to know about wooden watches and the best wooden watches of 2021.

Are Wooden Watches Right For You?

If you are generally a nature lover, owning and using a wooden watch makes it more of your personal statement and part of your aesthetic. In terms of believing in the cause, these watches are eco-friendly and made from sustainable material so that you can be totally guilt-free. In comparison to regular watches, wooden watches are pretty affordable and cut costs in the longer run, owing to their functional value. Let’s dive in to find more about what features make a wooden watch ‘the best wooden watch’


Which is the Best Wooden Watch? 

Of course, each wooden watch has its own design and level of comfort. That’s what makes it unique. Choose a wooden watch that fits you best, and represents your image and personality. Here are the best wooden watches of 2021


WeWood Men’s Kappa Chocolate

Specifications Key Features
Color- brown. Wooden straps and wooden case.
Case width- 46mm. Analog display.
Dial Shape- Circle.  
Splash resistant  
Sustainable and eco-friendly wooden watch
WeWood Men’s Kappa Chocolate (Image: Amazon)

WeWood has a compelling collection of wooden watches that are so gorgeous to even look at! With a simple but effective analogous display, the specialty of this watch is that it is entirely made of wood, not just the straps. The chocolate brown color is soothing and mesmerizing, adding the perfect hue to make this a formal wear accessory.

A classy and comfortable wooden watch, it gives more importance to being functional. Being rough around the edges gives it that natural outlook, making it perfect as a statement piece. It is one of the best wooden watches out there.

Our Verdict: 4.5/5


All-Wood STARK by TruWood

Specifications Key Features
Color- Light Brown. Maple wood strap and dial.
Case Width- 9mm. Japanese Quartz movement.
Splash resistant.  
Best Wooden Watch
All-Wood STARK by TruWood (Image: Amazon)

TruWood features umpteen varieties of truly classy and 100% genuine wooden watches that are so suave, you would never feel like taking them off. The STARK wooden watch has a maple wood dial and strap, which gives it a vibrantly earthy touch. This wooden wristwatch emphasizes on comfort and is therefore super lightweight. The outstanding quality of the wooden wristwatch is that it’s simple, modern, and loaded with style.

This is a classic watch to own and wear on a day-to-day basis. The very fact that it is made from all-natural wood materials is a huge plus point. However, as the design is a bit minimal, it may be pretty boring to look at all the time. It does not comprise of date or day dials so it is just for time. The grandiosity from the maple wood, though, is to die for.

Our Verdict: 4.5/5


WoodWatch Lunar Eclipse

Specifications Key Features
Color- Brown. Maple wood strap and dial.
Case Width- 11mm. Synchronized with phases of the moon for added appeal.
Strap Width- 22mm.  
Splash proof.  

A uniquely crafted wooden watch, the Lunar Eclipse by WoodWatch is synced with the phases of the moon, giving it an exuberant status. The watches are truly a champion of nature, as they are made from super sustainable sandalwood. The craftsmanship is on point and the dial is an intricate display of the lunar phase, which gives the watch its name.

The very fact that this watch is made from highly sustainable wood makes it more likely to be safer, and extremely stylish to own. The watch is functional and hassle-free. It has a customizable strap and a great warranty period so you can consider it more like a one-time investment. It does it job well and therefore it has topped our list of best wooden watches 2021

Our Verdict: 4.5/5

Jord Limited Edition Dover II

Specifications Key Features
Color- Brown and Black. Natural bocote infused with resin and steel straps.
Case Width- 35mm. Skeleton display dial, satin-brushed.
Strap Width- 20mm.  
Dial Shape- Circle.  
A blend of wood and stunning metal Jord Limited Edition Dover II
Jord Limited Edition Dover II (Image: Amazon)

New in the series launched by Jord, Dover II is a class apart. The stunning wooden watch is a blend of the grandeur of bocote wood with the scintillating touches of steel. The dial has a unique sapphire carved design, which makes it a classic and exuberating find.

The Jord Limited Edition Dover II wooden watch is exquisite, no doubt, but infuses more style than being a wholly dedicated wooden watch. If you’re into the appeal and fine-tuned aesthetic, this is the watch for you.

Our verdict: 4/5


North Chocolate Walnut Boyd by Treehut

Specifications Key Features
Color- Light/ Dark Brown. Walnut wood strap and dial with touches of stainless steel in the straps.
Case Width- 11mm. Lightweight and elegant.
Strap Width- 22mm.  
Durable and long-lasting.  
Amazing and fabulous looking wooden watch
North Chocolate Walnut Boyd (Image: Amazon)

Treehut’s North Collection features a whole range of wooden and marble watches. The wooden watches are made from genuine tree bark which feels as natural on the skin as it can be. With a wooden carved display dial and infused steel straps, this is yet another wooden watch that exudes style and class.

This is for any watch lover who appreciates the art that goes behind it. It has limitations on functionality and takes some time to know the time. However, the earthy design and textural feel make it a modern accessory, going well with any outfit, making it the best wooden watch.

Our Verdict: 4.5/5


I-Tem Reddish Walnut Wooden Watch 

Specifications Key Features
Color- Red. Walnut wooden case and strap.
Splash resistant. Japanese movement chronograph watch.
Best Wooden Watch in the town
I-Tem Reddish Walnut Watch (Image: Amazon)

I-Tem offers minimalist design wooden watches, with sustainable and all-natural wood. The material is designed to be environmentally conscious and focuses on the working mechanism. The watch is pleasantly moving to look at, and the best part is that it is hand-crafted.

The watch works great to its purpose, and entails in it an all-natural look and feel, making it one of a kind. If you’re looking for extravagant style though, this watch may not be up your alley. For simple and functional everyday use, this wooden watch can be your go-to.

Our verdict: 4/5


UWood Black Solid Sandal Wooden Watch

Specifications Key Features
Color- Black Brown. Resin infused wood case and straps.
Case Width- 10mm. Engraved display in dial.
Strap Width- 25mm.  
Dial Shape- Circle.  
Simply beautiful watch
UWood Black Solid Sandal Watch (Image: Amazon)

Compelling to view, and even more luxurious on hand, this wooden watch by UWood is as mysterious as it is sexy. The dial is simple and endearing and makes for a great gift. The functional and cost value of this wooden watch makes it a rare find. However, it works more as a regular wristwatch than to be conducive outdoors, because it is not waterproof. If simple and elegant is your style, go for this.

Our Verdict: 4/5



A wooden wristwatch is an ideal option just for its natural and textural outlook. It caters specifically to this aesthetic aspect, and the edge it has over other conventional watches makes it all the more fascinating to own. The diversity of design, craftsmanship, and wood material used in wooden wristwatches make it top-notch, and definitely a product so unique and out-of-the-box.

Find the best wooden watch that you like to up your style quotient and make it your unique way of living. If you enjoyed reading our best wooden watches article, share it with your friends and colleagues. You can read more such watch review articles on our blog. Thanks for reading our blog. Stay tuned for more articles.

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