Published on 16th March 2021

Watches are more than just time companions; they are souvenirs that hold stories waiting to be told. Original Grain, one of the leading brands in watches, has managed to capture that very sentiment in the making of each of its pieces. 

In this Original Grain Watches review, I will walk you through what the brand is, its salient features and limitations, and also introduce you to some of the best pieces that they have skillfully made. This review will also cover answers to some of the common questions relating to the value for money, comfort, and accessibility for buying these watches. 

Original Grain Watch: What Is The Brand All About?

Original Grain is a brand known for its exquisite craftsmanship and thoughtful designs. They produce one of the best wooden watches. Keeping sustainability at the core of its principal, each watch ever made has a backstory; an origin that you can chase into the wilderness.

One of the factors that make Original Grain watches unique is the materials used for watchmaking. It strongly sticks to sustainable materials that are reclaimed and repurposed. The quintessential combination of stainless steel and wood used in every watch adds immense durability to the design while keeping every look iconic.

Original Grain’s diversity in styles is also often the talk of the town and applauded heavily for capturing different moods, settings, and tones. You have sports and military brackets for those who prefer a watch with a rugged appearance and adventure-supporting features. You have the Classics and the MNMLs for your daily corporate affairs. And of course, you have the Barrels, Bangles, and Grainmasters for the sleek, timeless, and glorious look.

While customers haven’t stopped gushing over how the designs look or are secured by a year’s warranty, they also feel better about contributing to the environment. Original Grain’s guarantee to plant a tree on every purchase makes all the hype around the brand worth it.


Background of Original Grain Watch Brand

Original Grain is the success story of two ordinary brothers. Ryan and Andrew Beltran from the Northwest Pacific with an extraordinary idea to ring in innovation in the watch industry. 

They essentially realized that the world needed more timepieces that were timeless; repurposed from decades-old barrels that were used to store whiskey or any other material, that could add both aesthetics and sturdiness to the watch.

The brand was came into being in 2013 and soon it went up to become one of the most talked-about watch brands, earning itself features through media outlets including Business Insider, The Huffington Post, and Forbes, among others. What’s so special about these Original Grain watches? Let’s find out.

Are Original Grain Watches Good?

There’s a reason why people have nothing but praises for Original Grain watches. They not only look class-apart but are built keeping the same criteria in mind. While the wooden textures and style make for most of its appeal, many don’t know that the backstory of the materials that have been used to create these watches. 

Right from Mahogany to Oakwood to Sapele, the exotic wood used in these watches is repurposed from ancient scraps of everyday items including whiskey barrels, ammunition crates, and more. The most fascinating part? These scraps can be traced back to the nooks and corners of Africa, Japan, South America, the USA, and other parts of the world!

Most Original Grain watches boast of Japanese quartz movement technology and are built with durable mineral or gemstone glasses. The mechanism is known to last for years altogether without a change of battery required. 

One of the only significant downsides of an Original Grain watch is that you cannot use it in water for a long time. Considering the building is made of natural wood, the material might succumb to the damage. Some models with particularly intricate craftsmanship might also lack durability a bit, so you need to handle it with care.

Check out our exclusive ratings below to know more about Original Grain watches in a nutshell:

  • Overall Watch Quality ★★★★★ 
  • Customer Service ★★★★☆ 
  • Design & Style ★★★★★ 
  • Watch Durability ★★★★☆ 
  • Packaging ★★★★★ 
  • Original Grain Price & Value ★★★★☆ 


Original Grain Men’s Watches Review

As of 2021, Original Grain has come up with as many as 9 different styles of men’s watches, each of which has burgeoned into multiple fashionable models suited to all tastes and preferences. Have a quick look at these styles, the concept, and visual idea behind them, and choose your pick: 

  • Alterra Chrono: Designed keeping the value of time in our multi-tasking lives, this collection is loaded with functionality and finished with style. The stopwatch and date function of Alterra Chrono makes it stand apart from other collections.
  • Barrel: Inspired by Original Grain’s ‘love affair’ with whiskey, this collection of sports watches is crafted from whiskey barrels that date back to some year iconic. The Barrel collection is characterized by larger dials than standard watches. 
  • Classic: Handcrafted to meet the standards of today’s gentlemen, Original Grain’s Classic collection promises to redefine the original design to capture quintessential transitions in style, sustainability, and durability. 
  • Grainmaster: One thing that makes the Grainmaster collection stand apart is its design featuring bold lines, ornate detailing, and the luxury of Chrono and Swiss Automatic movements.
  • MLB Fanshop: One of the latest collections in this series, the MLB Fanshop collection is for all you baseball fans who like to stay in touch with your passion. Especially if you have a thing for genuine Rawlings™ leather and baseball bat wood, this collection is a must-have! 
  • Military: Boasting of one of the most awe-inspiring designs, the Military collection is built from the reclaimed wood from actual ammunition crates that transported ammunition for front-line troops. Original Grain has also managed to retain the essence of the Military in the strength, longevity, color tones, and design of these watches.
  • Pilot-Zulu: Made especially for the adventure seeker in you, the Pilot-Zulu collection is renowned for its smart engineering and attention to detail. Design inspired by the 1940s toy planes, this collection comes with an additional hand indicating ZULU time for flyers and pilots.
  • MNML: The Minimal Collection is further classified quite recently into Sports MNML and Modern MNML. Designed to match your chick personality and crafted to meet your every expectation, these watches are known for their fluidity. 


Best Original Grain Men’s Watches That You Must Check Out!

Alterra Chrono 44mm – Taylor Guitar 

Specifications:Key Features:
Dial Type: Abalone Shell InlayMiyota 6S21 movement.
Water Resistance: 10 ATM
Sapphire crystal glass.
Band Type: Bracelet
Made from reclaimed Taylor Guitar ebony wood.

  • Exceptionally beautiful design.
  • Scratch-resistant and relatively higher water resistance than most watches in this segment.

  • Chronograph and date feature available.

  • Comes at a relatively steeper price.
  • Limited edition.

With its twist on the case back, the band made from stainless steel and Cameroon wood, and its attractive Lumi Fill, there’s hard to pinpoint one USP of this model. Taylor Guitar Ebony Wood is one complete raft of loaded features and versatility packed in limited edition. This watch is best known for its appeal to music lovers, thanks to the ebony wood that reminisces one of the sounds of guitars. It is also well known for its durability and one-of-a-kind design.

Our Verdict: 5/5


Barrel 47mm – Sapele Black

Key Features:
Dial Type: Analog
Miyota 6P28 Quartz movement.
Water Resistance: 5 ATM
Mineral crystal glass.
Band Type: Bracelet or Strap
Made from African Sapelle wood.

  • Lasts for years without any change in batteries or hardware needed.
  • Has a very masculine look to it that appeals in casual settings as well.

  • Delicate and needs to be handled with care.
  • May have lower compatibility with external batteries.

This watch is one to remind you of your favorite whiskey and old, traditional wooden barrels as it is authentically made from one. The wooden texture with a hint of Mahagony-like tones makes for a classic present for any gentleman. Sapele Black’s most celebrated feature among the customers is its sophisticated design that appeals to all men. This model is one of the favorite gift watches in Original Grain’s collection.

Our Verdict: 4.9/5


Modern MNML 40mm – Mahogany Gunmetal

Key Features:
Dial Type: Sandblasted Matte Blue-Teal w/ Applied Accents
Miyota 1S13 Quartz movement.
Water Resistance: 5 ATM
Mineral Crystal glass.
Band Materials: Bracelet Made with Mahogany wood.

  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Clean, sophisticated look.

  • Dense constitution and high durability value.
  • Luminescence can be worked on as it can feel inadequate in low-light settings.

When Mahagony meets gunmetal, the color tone combinations become hard to beat. The wood adds to the classy appearance while the gunmetal maintains its rugged, powerful aura. Needless to say, the design does every bit of justice to its minimalistic concept. The watch is best known for being suitable for all dressing types and occasions. The navy, brown, and metallic color combination however is not tailored to every taste. 

Our Verdict: 4.8/5

Original Grain Women’s Watches Review

When it comes to women’s watches, Original Grain makes sure to keep the look, feel, and designs as unique, elegant, and classy as you ladies. Check out the 4 exciting styles of Original Grain women’s watches here and find out which one suits you the best: 

  • Barrel: This collection designed especially to transcend time and gender boundaries, the Barrel sports unique double-layered dial engineering or a 24-hour wood inlay subdial, depending on the size.
  • Bangle: Why have just a watch when you can have an accessory? The Bangle collection is perfect for all you fashion-loving ladies with its contemporary designs that make a statement.
  • Military: Original Grain’s Military Collection which is now recently made available for women appeals to the strength and determination in you. Experience comfort, style, and durability, all packaged up together in this watch.
  • Modern MNML: A trendy collection for the trendy ladies, Modern MNML is your go-to collection if you love clean, simple, yet classy designs that are unique and can add personality to your OOTD!


Best Original Grain Women’s Watches That You Must Check Out!

Bangle 32mm – Rose Gold and Birch

Key Features:
Dial Type: Analog
Miyota CAL.GL36 movement.
Water Resistance: 3 ATM
Mineral crystal glass.
Band Type: Push/ Pull
Made of all-natural Birchwood.

  • Swarovski Crystal bezel ensure a refraction index close to diamonds.
  • Satin sheen gives it an unalterable glow.

  • The bracelet-like design makes it appear like an accessory.

  • Prone to scratches on the outside so needs to be handled with care.

Original Grain’s Birch bangle redefines what aesthetics look like in watches and timepieces. The muted rose gold tones and the vintage looks in this luxury watch make it a perfect match for the connoisseurs of classic styles. Right from the color, materials, design, and finishing, this model screams classy and sparkling. However, the watch is only suitable for formal to semi-formal occasions.

Our Verdict: 4.8/5


Barrel 36mm – Zebrawood Gold

Key Features:
Dial Type: Analog
Miyota CAL.GL36 Quartz movement.
Water Resistance: 5 ATM
Mineral crystal glass.
Band Type: Push/ Pull
Made with all-natural zebrawood.

  • Larger dial than most female watches.
  • Thin and light-weight design.

  • Yellow gold stainless steel adds a very classy touch.

  • Needs lumination for dark backgrounds.
  • Bands need to be more supple and comfortable.

Made with characteristic zebrawood stripes, the watch’s predominant material has origins based in the timbers from Central America and Africa. So, each time you take a look at this timeless masterpiece, know that it is an exotic creation. The watch excellently compliments every outfit you choose and is suitable for every occasion. While the value lies in its making, it looks very simple and doesn’t come across as glamorous.

Our Verdict: 4.9/5


Modern MNML 36mm – Wine Stained Oak Gold

Key Features:
Dial Type: Analog
Miyota 1S13 Quartz movement.
Water Resistance: 5 ATM
Mineral Crystal glass.
Band Type: Strap
Made with oak wood.

  • Quirky and uniquely attractive design.
  • Day and Date window.

  • Luminosity enables clear vision in the dark.

  • Relatively smaller and daintier dial than most watches in this segment.

This watch is hands down one of the favorites among the ladies who love to be in touch with nature. Made with completely natural white oak, this watch, in design and durability is a specialty in itself. In terms of minimalism and unconventional, this watch is hard to beat. But although the idea of a stain of wine color might appear immensely attractive; combined with the oak wood striations, the watch is for those with unique tastes and preferences.

Our Verdict: 4.8/5

Are Original Grain Watches Worth Buying?

One look at an Original Grain watch and it is easy for anyone to fall in love. But what about the fact that most of these watches might lighten our wallets a tad bit? That’s when we start considering whether the purchase is even worth it.

And if you are one of the environment-friendly, sustainable transformation enthusiasts, then it 100% is. It is common knowledge that Original Grain watches are largely made of wood and eco-friendly materials. 

On one hand, this motivates us to pay a few bucks extra for the sake of the environment but on the other, it also raises the question of wood’s durability in harsh winters or humid climates. It also makes people wonder whether wood could look all that fashionable after all.

Good for you, this is Original Grain we are talking about, a brand that is best known for designs that make heads turn, not only for being stylish but also calamity-resistant. Long story short, Original Grain watches are every bit worth it!


Where To Buy Original Grain Watches?

You don’t need to wander much for an Original Grain watch. You can find these watches on their official website — OriginalGrain.com on your search engine. You can browse through its aesthetic collection and order your favorite one from its Instagram account. Or you can simply explore different models and compare them with other brands with your favorite online vendor like Amazon or eBay. 

And with that, we have covered the most important pointers you need to know before making your investment in that beautiful watch you will hold so dear to you. 



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